ECP-115 CP

If you are a professional living independently on your own then Binatone’s ceramic cooking plates pose a great buy with its single cooking plate that guarantees you save energy while cooking.

Peace of mind never looked so good.

Energy saving ceramic plate

Smart thermo cut-off for safety

Variable temperature setting (min-max)

Easy to clean design

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Power 1200W
  • Wide cooking surface fit for small to large utensils
  • Peripheral duct around cooking plate to confine any overflows/spills

The single high-efficiency ceramic cooking plate is housed in s stainless steel body. It is surrounded by a peripheral duct that confines any spills that occur during your cooking. The design is made so that it is easy to clean. Efficiency is improved by the variable temperature setting and a smart thermo cut-off features. It is powered by a 1200 W heater and offers a wide cooking surface for your utensils while also perfect to be packed into compact spaces.