The 3-fin metal blades of this industrial wall mount fan are the swiftest of its kind. Driven by a heavy duty motor, the air output of this fan is incomparable.

  • 66 cm (26")
  • Industrial wall fan for home, office and industrial use
  • Power 190W

3-fin metal blade

Single phase power supply

Heavy duty motor

3 speeds

Industrial wall fans ought to be strong and sturdy with an ability to withstand demanding environment. It is exactly these traits that are on offer from that of the Industrial Wall Fan model of IWF-2600 from Binatone. The company’s fans operate at a power of 130 watts and have 3 fin blades for producing that strong stream of cooling air. The blades made up of aluminium metal can last hours of operation with a heavy duty motor to support it. A long power cord enables the fan to be placed even a good distance from a power source. Though named industrial it is good to be used in offices and homes too apart from industries.